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Complete range of civil construction

The civil and engineering works are, undoubtedly, the most important part of a project, the basis for the future structure. They include cast-in-place works, masonry, excavation and erecting works, as well as land improvement…


About Company

Monolit Group LLC has been present at the construction market of the Republic of Belarus for more than 8 years. Up to the current moment, the company has established itself as a general contractor in construction performing on its own a full range of civil engineering, finishing, as well as specialized operations.

With a sufficient number of qualified experts and workers (more than 500 people) and a 100% availability of construction machinery and equipment, the company can fully solve production problems with a high level of quality and in optimal time. The professionalism of engineers and technical workers, understanding of the responsibilities and strict fulfillment of the obligations is the hallmark of our organization.