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Our team

Monolith Group LLC has been working in the construction market of the Republic of Belarus for more than 7 years. At present, the company’s personnel is more than 500 people, about 85% of whom are staff members performing construction works, and about 15% are engineering and technical specialists. Most employees have necessary certificates and diplomas, have undergone personnel certification, but keep on learning and getting higher grades, categories and grooups.

The staff members are young, energetic, ambitious people who have a decent level of professional training and a desire to improve their work. Having a progressive vision and positive view of life, being able to work in team, but also having a desire to grow and develop, they are willing to learn new things and gain experience. The company has created all favorable conditions to develop talents and disclose the employees’ potential. Besides, all employees could realize their innovative ideas. Everything is done to let the young professionals always learn from their more experienced co-workers.

The employees have equal career chances. Climbing up the career ladder, initiative, non-standard approaches to the work are all encouraged.

The company’s team follows the principle of mutual help and support of professional communication. Each employee can seek assistance from any other employee, obtain the required information and advice on solving the emerging problems.

All of these corporate principles and guidelines contribute to the maximum interaction between the employees, which certainly has a positive effect on the quality of the works performed and also lets the company develop sustainably.